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68 grams


1.56" or 39.62 mm

Outer Diameter:
2.18" or 55.37 mm

Flush Silicone O-Ring

Special Features
Added Weight Added Weight:
The Legacy is the first plastic yo-yo by YoYoJam to feature an internal weight system. This added weight maximizes spin time and creates a more solid playing experience.
Flush Silicone
Flush Silicone Response:
Silicone allows for low response and tight binds. The Legacy uses easy-to-replace silicone o-rings allowing you to get the most out of your yo-yo without the hassle of using flowable silicone.
Fixed Gap Wide Fixed Gap:
Whether you are an intermediate player learning to bind or a yo-yo expert preparing for freestyle a wide gap makes string tricks easier and allows for smoother play. A fixed gap also makes it easier to keep unresponsive since no adjustment is required.
celcon Celcon Plastic:
Celcon is a strong yet flexible plastic that is also chemical resistant making it an excellent choice for a yo-yo. The slick surface of it also makes grinding easier to learn and control.
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